The concept - innovative design and tailor-made construction


The best yacht projects are coming out of experience and dreams that people are chasing. This was also the story of Wave Catamarans, a boutique shipyard created by two Polish multihull enthusiasts, who spent a long time looking for a catamaran which would simultaneously embrace qualities such as light weight with high performances under sails and the maximum level of comfort. They wanted to go beyond everything that was available on the market to date and together with the guidance and input of naval architects and designers they have created the concept of Wave 58 catamaran.

The yachts from behind the Iron Curtain

When it comes to tailor-made yacht construction, Poland offers endless possibilities and resources. Polish yacht builders are real craftsmen, they are hard working, bold and acclaimed for the quality of their work all over the world. Being Polish, it was a natural path for Wave Catamarans owners to set up the business in Poland. Wave Catamarans was born in a Polish yacht building legacy location – the historical Szczecin Yacht Building Shipyard named after Leonid Teliga, a famous Polish sailor, writer, and journalist, and the first Pole to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe on his yacht called Opty.

The historical L. Teliga Shipyard

The historical Shipyard was named after Leonid Teliga - a famous Polish sailor, writer and journalist - and the first Pole to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe on his yawl Opty. The establishment was operating from 1946 to 1997. The 70s were the best years for the shipyard which prospered and manufactured yachts mainly for export. One of the yachts manufactured by the shipyard at that time was 'SPANIEL' - the yacht that captain Kazimierz Jaworski 'Kuba' sailed in OSTAR-76 (The Original Single Handed Trans-Atlantic Race) and won 3rd place (and 2nd in his category) breaking the Polish record. In 1994 the Shipyard was sold to the private investor due to some financial problems.

phot. Władysław Bożek //

Our Shipyard

Wave Catamarans is a Company founded by two sailing enthusiasts: Jakub Rosciszewski and Zbigniew Lodyga. Their maritime experience combined with innovative ideas resulted in a new catamaran line design: Wave58. The goal was to build catamarans that are light and fast but luxurious and comfortable at the same time.


Nowadays Wave Catamarans is building only tailor-made catamarans to order. Everything is custom made - from the layout and hull construction to the hand-made interior and custom furniture.

Our Location

The Shipyard Adress:

Swiatowida 6, Szczecin, Poland


Our Office Adress:

M. Frenkla 30a, Warsaw, Poland

postal code: 04-914

Innovation and technology

In case of Wave Catamarans light weight construction is a must, yet without compromise on strength a stiffness. Wave yachts are made entirely with sandwich construction with PVC foam core and glass fiber reinforced skins. The competitive advantage of Wave Catamarans is the use of epoxy resins in the construction process. They have much better mechanical properties than polyesters or vinylesters and does not require to use other type of reinforcements than continuous fibers.

The fleet of Wave Catamarans counts currently two Wave 58 sailing catamarans – STA. MARIA and STA. ANA. Our first Wave 58 catamaran STA. MARIA won the main prize for the yacht design at the biggest yacht fair in Poland in 2011 'Wiatr i Woda', but also took part in ARC 2011 (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) and crossed the Atlantic Ocean with great results.


 STA. ANA is a new generation of Wave 58 named Breeze with a new design of the exterior space. The main difference with her sistership is the position of the steering station, which is in the front of the cockpit area on an integrated and elevated center helm console. From this point the skipper has a good visibility and ease to maneuver the boat. The steering station is surrounded by a sofa dedicated for the guests, that would be like to participate actively in the navigation.


Both yachts are a proof of the yard’s values – lightweight construction, quality, high-end and tailor-made finishing.

Wave Catamarans took up the challenge of creating a sailing catamaran, where the comfort does not need to be sacrificed for the performances. Wave 58 offers a perfect compromise between speed, seamanship and luxurious interiors.

Wave58 & Wave58 Breeze